About TFC


The Fletcher Collective (TFC) is a global e-commerce platform—a medium that is meant for the exchange of apparel, accessories, and other crafts—that promotes positive political and social discourse.

The primary function of TFC is to bridge a connection between creatives and potential consumers by providing a marketplace that encourages entrepreneurs to expand upon their own brand while highlighting current events that have directly influenced the creative's work or lifestyle.

Other online applications charge listing fees and take from the sale of every item a seller posts, but TFC wants to encourage startups and designers to get their name out there so their true potential can be discovered.

The guiding principles and values of The Fletcher Collective are giving startups and emerging designers the ability to compete with larger retailers, and to market products that have a meaning or purpose behind their design.

The Fletcher Collective gives creatives an outlet to get their business off the ground and be discovered.


Every day, we encounter people with unique stories and backgrounds, and we feel it is important to use our platform to encourage positive social and political discourse. TFC values embracing individuality, empowering the youth, and giving back to the community.

Our founder named TFC after her grandparents, who both had a great impact on her upbringing. She had the luxury of growing up with them in her family home and has many uplifting memories such as making homemade strawberry jelly at the end of each school year with her Yiayia, and learning how to drive from her Papou.

TFC is made up of many different creatives that all have different, yet similar situations--each a unique story that made them who they are today.


The mission of TFC is to advance expression of individuality and empower the youth to participate in positive political and social discourse.

To achieve such a grand vision, we connect entrepreneurs to their related consumers by providing users with a safe and easy-to-use site to buy products. TFC values giving back to the community and hopes to give underprivileged students opportunities through internship programs and scholarships.

TFC’s founder hopes to provide future students with similar valuable connections and memories through a partnership with American University to relaunch the business of fashion and luxury goods courses. TFC aspires to take students to the fashion capitals--London, Paris, NY, and Milan.